Mother of Pearl Watches

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Rose Gold
Quadro Lumine Pressed Piano MOP
Rose Gold
Petite Melrose Pearl MOP
Petite Lumine Pressed Piano MOP
Petite Lumine Pressed Piano MOP
Rose Gold
Petite Lumine 5-Link Melrose MOP


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INTRODUCING OUR MOTHER OF PEARL DIALS If you are looking for a unique watch, you have come to the right place. Due to the mother of pearl’s beautiful iridescence and one-of-a-kind nature, every watch is unique and distinct. We have designed six pink watches with dials made from mother of pearl. All six designs are available as both round face watches and square face watches. To enhance the beauty of this wonderful pink mother of pearl, we have complemented it with a rose gold mesh watch strap, a nude pink NATO strap as well as a nude pink leather strap. Discover all Daniel Wellington mother of pearl dial watches to find your favourite here. WHAT IS MOTHER OF PEARL? Mother of pearl, or nacre, is a delicate material to work with. It takes a large amount of effort and highly skilled workmanship to make a dial from. Therefore, we are so happy to present our Daniel Wellington watches with mother of pearl dials. Mother of pearl is the inner layer of mussels. Its iridescent feature makes it both beautiful and interesting to look at.